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Thoroughly Modern
Video Production


No Coast Creative is an award winning video production company founded in 2010 by Michael Christensen. Based in Chicago, No Coast Creative has worked with companies big and small to create a wide range of video projects; including web series, documentaries, TV ads, short films, and more.


Technical & Creative


As a miniature version of a full-service creative agency, No Coast Creative offers technical and creative expertise in ideation, copywriting, script writing, producing, directing, cinematography/videography, video editing, motion graphics, visual effects, graphic design, audio recording/mixing, and color correction/grading.

If you are in need of any creative services whatsoever - even if your are unsure what kind of project you are looking for - do not hesitate to inquire. No Coast Creative has worked with clients who thought maybe they wanted a video or infographics but, during the consultation process, discovered that what they really needed was a custom designed website.

No Coast Creative is based in Chicago, Illinois but we are able to travel anywhere in the world and bring our full range of capabilities with us. We have experience filming projects all over the United States, as well as Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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